Season 1, Episode 18: I and I am a Camera

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Aired: Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Rating: 5.9/9


Written by David Simkins
Directed by Jeff Woolnough

Guest starring
Rainn Wilson as camera guy (Phil)
Peter Bryant as Bling
Kevin McNulty as Gilbert Neal
Lawrence Pressman as Uncle Jonas
Nana Visitor as Madame X
Featuring (in order of appearance)
Dexter Bell as Gerald "Snuffy" Wills
Jaren Bartlett as kid
Troy Turi as thug
Sky Miles as Sky
Keith Dallas as O.G.
Matthew Brevner as baseball kid
Brad Mooney as pitcher
Carson as guy on the cross
Cindy Lou Powell "Lady Cynthia" as dominatrix #1
Storma T. McDonald as dominatrix #2
Guyle Frazier as technician
Victor Flavin as Pedro (uncredited)

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