#1 Pilot
#2 Heat
#3 Flushed
#4 C.R.E.A.M.
#5 411 on the DL
#6 Prodigy
#7 Cold Comfort
#8 Blah Blah Woof Woof
#9 Out
#10 Red
#11 Art Attack
#12 Rising
#13 The Kidz Are Aiight
#14 Female Trouble
#15 Haven
#16 Shorties in Love
#17 Pollo Loco
#18 I and I am a Camera
#19 Hit a Sista Back
#20 Meow
#21 ...and Jesus Brought a Casserole

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#1 Pilot: Aired Tuesday, October 3, 2000

A genetically enhanced superhuman named Max has escaped from the lab and training facility where she spent her childhood and is now working as a bike messenger in post-apocalyptic Seattle. She meets a cable-hacker named Logan Cale who specializes in exposing conspiracies. She finds herself helping him in exchange for information about her fellow escapees, even though it puts her in danger of being discovered by those who hunt her.

#2 Heat: Aired Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Max accidentally gets a boyfriend who helps her meet and rescue the woman who picked her up on the road ten years ago.

#3 Flushed: Aired Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Kendra and Original Cindy's misguided intervention lands Max in prison without the tryptophan that keeps her alive.

#4 C.R.E.A.M.: Aired Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Logan answers a cry for help from an abandoned daughter and tries to find her much-hunted reporter father, Nathan Herrero, who disappeared and was assumed dead two years earlier. He discovers that Herrero, and old friend, is actually still alive and in hiding. He puts father and daughter in touch and is horrified when Herrero dies a fiery death shortly thereafter. Logan exposes Herrero's last story as a tribute to his old friend. Sketchy is making extra money by running cash for the Russian mafia, but while showing off bike tricks he loses a payment. Max and Original Cindy help him pay back the $15,000 he owes by going to the casino owned by the very same mobsters he owns. Max uses her special skills to figure out where the roulette ball will land and to memorize an entire deck of cards while playing poker.

#5 411 on the DL: Aired Tuesday, November 14, 2000

When Vogelsang gets back in touch, Max finally finds her brother Zack, but the reunion is not what she anticipated. Logan's ex-wife comes back into his life.

#6 Prodigy: Aired Tuesday, November 21, 2000

When Max finds out about a genetics conference that Kendra is temping for, she gets Logan to make up some credentials for her so that she can attend. At the conference, Max finds herself sitting next to none other than Lydecker himself. The conference is taken over by terrorists who want to free a young genius boy who has been genetically manipulated. Logan trades himself for the women hostages, but Max manages to sneak away and saves Logan's life when the terrorists throw him off the roof of the building. Max also saves Lydecker's life by preventing his getting shot in the head. Soldiers free the rest of the hostages while Max, with help from Logan and Detective Sung, makes sure that the young boy is taken somewhere safe.

#7 Cold Comfort: Aired Tuesday, November 28, 2000

When a fellow bio-synth, Brin, is abducted, and Zack is seriously wounded, Zack asks Max for help. Max brings him to Logan where Bling bandages him up, and asks how they should go about resucing Brin. After much argument, they kidnap Lydecker, who tells them that he doesn't have her. They figure out she's being held by a man named Major Sanders and use Lydecker to get inside the facility. Lydecker double-crosses them, selling them out to Sanders, and then kills Sanders, hoping to get Max, Zack and Brin for himself. Max and Zack break out with a very sick Brin, and when it becomes clear that only Manticore can keep Brin alive, they give Brin over to Lydecker. Although Max and Zack remain free, Lydecker now knows what they look like. Original Cindy, Herbal Thought and Sketchy band together to preserve the status quo when Normal informs them that he's selling Jam Pony to an Indian investor. They sneak Normal a laxative that keeps him home in the bathroom and then convince the Indian investor that a life-threatening disaster is taking place at the delivery house.

#8 Blah Blah Woof Woof: Aired Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Logan finds out that he needs another life-saving operation, and needs it soon. Meanwhile, Lydecker enlists the help of the Seattle police in finding Max who he claims killed Vogelsang. Max almost gets trapped by the cops, but Zack and Logan come her rescue. Normal sees the Wanted posters with Max's face and goes to the police station to report her, but Detective Sung, tipped off by Logan, waylays him. Meanwhile, Sketchy is left in charge of Jam Pony. Zack insists on getting Max out of town, and finally she has no choice but to agree. Max and Logan have a passionate farewell, and she stays with Zack for a night at Logan's family cottage outside Seattle. The next morning, Bling finds Logan passed out and rushes him to the hospital. Max senses that something's wrong, calls Logan's cell phone and finds out what's going on from Bling. Max, after fighting Zack because of her decision, goes back to Seattle to be with Logan. When she gets to the hospital, she finds Logan dying, needing a transfusion, and not being able to get the blood for one. She transfuses him herself, since Manticore kids are universal donors, and she and Logan share a passionate dream. She is arrested, but Zack confesses to the crime and gets taken away by Lydecker instead of Max. By the time Normal returns to work, Sketchy has a new appreciation for his boss and what he has to put up with every day. Zack's transport helicopter crashes and the news reports that there are no survivors.

#9 Out: Aired Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Max makes Logan dinner, and as much as he'd like to deny it, it's sort of a date for the crimefighting twosome. So when Logan cancels dinner because he's after a smuggler named Bronck, Max is understandably upset and they part ways. Max realizes later that Bronck is smuggling pre-teen girls out of the country for foreign brothels, but by the time she calls Logan he has already been kidnapped by Bronck and is being tortured for the identity of Eyes Only. Max impersonates Eyes Only to mislead Bronck and rescue Logan and the young kidnapped girls. Max and Logan end up recreating the dinner that was originally cancelled. Everyone is curious about who Normal has been taking out. When Normal's date leaves her purse, he has Original Cindy deliver it back to her, but both Normal and Cindy take a peek first and realize that the beautiful and mysterious Louise used to be a man named Louis. Normal assures his ladyfriend that he doesn't mind her past, but she admits to him that she's come to realize she's a lesbian, and has more interest in Original Cindy than Normal.

#10 Red: Aired Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Bad memories surface for both Max and Logan when Logan recruits Max to protect the man who is going to testify against Seattle's corrupt mayor. It turns out that the good samaritan is none other than Bruno Anselmo, the man Max left for dead who not only tried to kill Max, but was responsible for Logan's paralysis. Max not only has to protect him from those who don't want him to testify, but unknowingly has to protect herself from South African trangenica military goons who want to capture her as an example of Manticore technology that they are trying to imitate. Bruno, after annoying Max for sixteen hours and then successfully testifying, sells her out to the military implants and then gets himself killed for his trouble. Max almost gets her ass kicked by the genetically enhanced military guys, but Logan rescues her at the last minute. Max and Logan know they haven't seen the last of these guys.

#11 Art Attack: Aired Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Logan invites Max as his date for a fancy family wedding and Max accepts. At the wedding, she finds herself surprised when the ceremony taps into her softer side and reception brings out her jealous streak... when Logan runs into a beautiful ex. Max is called away when Normal is kidnapped by art thieves who used Jam Pony to transport an expensive Norman Rockwell painting and ended up with architecture plans instead. Max finds herself saving an architect from suicide, rummaging around in a dumpster, almost drowing a forger in a hottub, fighting Korean military aboard a ship, and confronting gangsters, all while trying not to ruin the six-thousand-dollar dress she "borrowed" for the wedding. Max also manages to save Logan's ass when he forgets his best man speech, set up Original Cindy with Logan's ex, and make sure that her friend catches the bouquet. Logan starts to get feeling back in his legs.

#12 Rising: Aired Tuesday, February 13, 2001

The transgenic Reds track Max using her lost pager and the last number that paged it: Original Cindy's. Original Cindy gets a new job selling insurance over the phone and has little success. The Reds track Cindy to Crash where they chase Max and Max kills one of them. Sebastian helps Max and Logan extract the implant from the dead Red. The Reds grab Cindy at work and make her call Max to meet her, but Cindy tips her friend off over the phone. Max uses the dead Red's implant and successfully defeats the Red soldiers at Cindy's new workplace, but almost dies when the implant short circuits her brain. Max finally admits to Cindy who and what she is. Due to the past blood transfusion, Logan starts to regain feeling in his legs. When he and Max realize what happened, they perform another blood transfusion and Logan ends up able to stand. Herbal Thought experiments with speaking normally because his girlfriend complains she can't understand him. Original Cindy returns to her job at Jam Pony. Max finds out that Kendra is having a relationship with Walter, the cop that used to shake them down.

#13 The Kidz Are Aiight: Aired Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Logan is up and walking. Just when he and Max are about to have a romantic dinner, Max gets a call from Zack saying he's escaped from Lydecker. Max rescues Zack, but they figure out that Lydecker actually arranged for Zack to escape and bugged him, so Lydecker overheard their conversation about where some of the other X5s are. Eyes Only helps them out by broadcasting that the X5s' locations have been compromised. Lydecker closes in on Tinga in Portland, and she calls Zack for help. Zack and Max rescue Tinga, and Zack again encourages Max to leave Seattle, but she refuses. Logan's legs start to give him trouble and he pushes Max away without telling her what's going on. Lydecker is authorized by the higher-ups to use any means necessary to contain this X5 situation... including deadly force. Original Cindy moves in with Max since she got evicted from her apartment and Kendra has moved in with her cop boyfriend.

#14 Female Trouble: Aired Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Max is suspicious when Logan is suddenly very preoccupied, so she follows him and finds out that he's been seeing a doctor, Adriana Vertes, about his legs. It turns out that while Max's transfused stem cells are helping, Logan's body is rejecting them, and the only treatment is to supress Logan's auto-immune system. While Max is grilling Adriana, someone tries to kill the doc, and Max ends up defending her. Max recognizes Jace, one of the X5s that stayed behind at Manticore, and has now been sent to assassinate the doctor, who is an ex-Manticore employee. Although Max has terrible memories of the doctor from her time at Manticore, she agrees to protect the woman while Logan is being treated. Max and Jace face off again when Jace makes another attempt at killing Adriana, but Jace is easily defeated. It turns out Jace is pregnant, and Max offers to help her get away from Manticore to keep her baby safe. Meanwhile, Adriana calls her ex-lover, Lydecker, and says she'll trade two X5s for her life. Lydecker uses Adriana to track down Jace and then kills the doctor in cold blood. Lydecker then uses Jace to trap Max, but Jace warns Max away from the ambush just in time. Max is able to extract Jace with her, partly because Lydecker is unwilling to use the deadly force that was authorized to "take care of" the X5s. Max and Logan help Jace start a new life in Mexico for her and her baby. Max is worried that Logan is going to commit suicide now that it looks like he might spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair again, but an experience with an elderly upstairs neighbor helps Logan put his life into perspective.

#15 Haven: Aired Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Max just wants a vacation, while Logan wants to investigate the deaths of eighteen post-Pulse police-protestors. They end up in a small town outside Seattle called Cape Haven. Logan isn't able to get much information out of his "source," but Max meets a young boy and some nasty townspeople that get her asking questions about a family's death from just after the Pulse. The boy thinks that he sees ghosts, but it turns out that he's just the sole survivor from an Arab family that was attacked by some of the townspeople just after the Pulse when they were the only house with a generator. Logan is suffering from a bruised ego when Max comes to his rescue in a bar brawl, but he gets his chance to be her hero when she is suffering from her seizures and he has to defend their rented house from attacking townspeople who want to keep their shameful secret dead and buried. Logan learns that sometimes it's kill or be killed, just like his "source" tells him before dying in Logan's arms.

#16 Shorties in Love: Aired Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Original Cindy's old flame, Diamond, gets out of jail and returns to rekindle things with Cindy. Meanwhile, Max goes on a mission to steal some computer disks for Logan... along with any money she might find for herself. Diamond quietly tags along on the mission and steals Max's loot, getting Max arrested in the process. Max finds herself being questioned mainly about Diamond, and when she busts out and returns to Logan, they figure out that Diamond actually escaped from jail after having medical experiments done on her under the guise of cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Diamond shows Original Cindy her ill-gotten gains, admits that she's dying of cancer, and asks her lover to run away with her to Mexico. They are picked up by authorities while trying to go south on a bus, and while in captivity, Diamond starts to get very ill. Max comes to save Original Cindy, but they have to leave a dying Diamond because she is too far gone to treat. Diamond manages to take her revenge on the man who infected her before she dies. Max is touched when she reads a poem that Logan wrote about her.

#17 Pollo Loco: Aired Tuesday, April 24, 2001

When a body with a bar code on the back of its neck turns up in the woods outside Seattle, Logan informs Max. Max identifies the bar code as her "brother," Ben, but when she goes to see the body in the morgue, she realizes it's not him. Logan is mystified when another body with the same bar code turns up, but Max is not communicative and simply tells him that none of them is Ben, and she'll take care of it. It turns out that Ben's warped sense of duty has him constantly recreating a man-hunt, because he feels that that's what he was created for. Madame X surfaces to tell Lydecker that he must take care of his "child" before he implodes, and warns that the other X5s could end up just as psychotic. Max goes after Ben to try to save his latest kidnapping victim before Ben gets a chance to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Logan, worried about Max, decides to contact Lydecker as Eyes Only to see if he can get any more information about the apparent string of nation-wide murders Ben has committed. Lydecker doesn't tell Logan much, but warns him that even though Max is pretty, underneath it she's a cold-hearted killer just like Ben. Meanwhile, Max confronts Ben, and in a show-down fight in the woods she breaks his legs. They realize that Lydecker's men are closing in on them, and Max and Ben both know she can't carry him out or they'll both be caught. Max makes the hard decision to kill Ben so that he won't be captured and caged like an animal. Logan is left questioning who Max really is.

#18 I and I am a Camera: Aired Tuesday, May 1, 2001

While investigating a string of murders, Max and Logan meet a mysterious man with superhero powers that are derived from an old Department of Defense exo-skeleton worn on his legs. Logan's investigation leads him to question his own family's business when they find out that a new form of hoverdrone, armed with silenced automatic guns, has been created to hunt down and kill people after being fed a picture of the target. Logan's Uncle Jonas is killed by his criminal partner, Gilbert, and Logan becomes the next target. Max and their new friend save Logan, who then destroys his own trust fund by exposing his family's company. Gilbert gets out of town after selling the technology to Madame X. Max sends their new superfriend back to his mother, and Logan is bequethed the slightly damaged exo-skeleton. Logan has continued to be disturbed by Max's perceived killer instinct, but puts it behind him when he realizes anyone, even his own Uncle Jonas, is capable of evil.

#19 Hit a Sista Back: Aired Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Max, Tinga and Zack work together to keep Lydecker's team, led by a brainwashed Brin, from taking Tinga's husband and son. When the X5s realize that Lydecker poisoned Tinga's son with nanotechnology, Tinga agrees to give herself up in exchange for a cure. Lydecker holds up his end of the bargain, but Madame X, secretly pulling Brin's strings, pulls a double-cross and attempts to get Tinga's extraordinary son as well. Lydecker is left believing that they lost both Tinga and her son due to Madame X's meddling, but Madame X secretly still has Tinga and is running experiments on her. Max and Zack realize that someone other than Lydecker is now out to get them. Logan can't get the exo-skeleton for his legs to work without an expensive piece of equipment.

#20 Meow: Aired Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Logan gets Max to steal him the necessary chip for his exo-skeleton without telling her what it's for. Logan plans an anniversary celebration for him and Max one year after they first met. Meanwhile, Max goes into heat again and Original Cindy is given the duty of reigning Max in. Max has to cancel anniversary plans with Logan, and ends up sleeping with a pizza delivery guy, leaving herself feeling dirty and out of control. Meanwhile, Lydecker realizes that Madame X is plotting to kill him with the new drone technology and makes sure that Agent Sandoval is the target instead. Lydecker teams up with the leader of the transgenic Reds to track Max by the chip that's still in her neck. Zack spies on Manticore, and figures out where Tinga is being held. Max, feeling better, celebrates with Logan a day late. Although the exo-skeleton doesn't work as well as Logan hoped it would, they share a romantic kiss... until they're interrupted by Zack. Zack and Max go to save Tinga, while Lydecker is busy tracking Max. During the breakout, Zack is hit by gunfire, and Lydecker is led to Madame X's secret Manticore facility that he didn't know about. Lydecker finds Max cradling a seemingly dead Tinga in her arms.

#21 ...and Jesus Brought a Casserole: Aired Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Lydecker, with Max, is being hunted by Madame X. Max convinces Lydecker to set her free, and Max brings her captor to meet up with Zack and Logan, who have teamed up with Krit and Syl. Lydecker says he'll help the X5's destroy the DNA lab at Manticore. With Lydecker's help, the X5's break into Manticore and successfully blow up the lab, but only Syl and Krit make it out alive. Although Max dreams that the mission was successful, they all celebrate at the bar, and she makes love with Logan, in truth, Max and Zack are each brought down by their younger clones, X7's, and Zack sacrifices himself so that Max can have his heart and live. Max is left captured by Madame X, and Logan is left believing she is dead.

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