Quotes from Red

Max: Oh, great, now I need another bath.

Max: Last room in the place and one bed. Great.
Bruno: We're all adults, I think we can share.
Max: Yeah, right!
Bruno: You take the middle and I'll take the top.
Max: You get the floor, pal.

Bruno to Max: You pack a big wallop for a little thing.

Bruno: I'm bored.
Max: Watch television.
Bruno: Well, what's the point? You won't let me order any movies.
Max: "Hose Monkeys: The Next Generation" is not a movie, it's excrement.
Bruno: Easy, the leading lady is a personal friend of mine.

Logan: Why am I not worried about you being able to take care of yourself?
Max: The only thing you need to worry about is me snappin' his neck.
Logan: Just get him to the court room in one piece and and able to talk.
Max: Does he need to have all his teeth?

Max: If I ever hear about you shakin' down my sisters again, I'll come back here and slap you like the bitch that you are.

Bruno: Eight years of marital pain living with a guy like me, you think Mary Jo didn't learn something? She knows how to avoid a tail like most wives know how to make a casserole.

Max: I need to get my ass kicked once in awhile... just to keep me real.

Max: You don't need to tell me to be afraid. I'm already there.

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