Quotes from Female Trouble

Logan: I don't care what it costs or what you have to do, just keep me walking.

Original Cindy: Never underestimate the thoughtlessness and insensitivity of the three-legged gender.

Adriana: Nervous?
Logan: I don't like needles... or heights... or spiders.

Adriana: Who are you?
Max: Someone who kept you from winding up dead. But that could still happen, I haven't decided yet.

Logan: Is she all right?
Max: Yes, thanks to moi, her transgenic guardian angel, she's fine.

Logan: Is it easier for you if I'm in the chair?

Logan: I felt what it was like to function like a regular person again, to be whole, complete.
Max: You've never not been that to me.

Max: Gettin' knocked up's a real career-ender back at Manticore.

Jace: I am dumb. I am so damn dumb, it would take ten acts of divine providence to raise me to the sublime heights of blissful ignorance, sir!

Normal: Here, hot run! Great, I'm talking to myself.

Mrs. Moreno: Maybe it'd be better if I just died.
Logan: Let's not talk nonsense, okay?
Mrs. Moreno: You don't know, you're young, you've got everything to live for. But me, I'm too old.
Logan: I'm gonna ask you to stop talking like that, Mrs. Moreno.

Jace: Feels like I just woke up from a bad dream.
Max: I know. One of the reasons why I don't sleep. Let me know if it's a boy or a girl.
Jace: Either way, name's gonna be Max.

Max: Donald Lydecker, wherever you are, you can kiss my genetically engineered ass!

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