Quotes from Shorties in Love

Max: A hot shower in my own apartment. If that ain't heaven, girl, I don't know what is.

Cindy: You never had a manicure before, boo?
No. Sounds too much like Manticore. Besides, it's kinda girly.
Cindy: Sugar, sometimes you so butch it's hard for me to believe you don't play on an all girls team.

Max: Someone out there just doesn't want me to be happy.

Max: What is it with guys and lesbians anyway? I mean, what's so damn fascinating about being unwanted by the opposite sex?
Logan: Have you heard anything I've been saying?
Max: Every word. I parallel-process and multi-task like there's no tomorrow.

Max: Rat-bastard!

Max: Diamond's a singer?
Cindy: My girl drops the word.

Max: Something did go sideways. Diamond.
Logan: Original Cindy's new old former on-again girlfriend?

Cindy: No matter what happens in my life, you were my first and my truest love. Know that.
Diamond: I'm gonna be sittin' up in heaven, watchin' my baby girl shine.

Diamond: It looks like Diamond finally found a man worthy of her kisses.

Cindy: Look at this manicure. I just did three days ago. Nails all busted, polish chipped...
Max: Price a girl pays for kickin' ass.

Max: Time heals all wounds, right?
Logan: I'm not sure anyone really gets over their first love.
Max: I wouldn't know.

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