Quotes from Pollo Loco

Cindy: You're gonna kill it?
Max: I'm not gonna wait around and let it die of old age.
Cindy: But look at its little chicken face.
Max: Must be my feline DNA, 'cause when I look at this little face, I see dinner.

Max: Do you think there are some thing that are unforgivable?
Destry: God's forgiveness has no limits.
Max: That's big of him.

Destry: The thing about carrying around secrets is they tend to get heavier.

Bling: She can take care of herself.
Logan: Not when it comes to her family.

Madame X: Your kids are messy when they implode.

Ben: War is art. So what if I sign my work?

Max: It's me.
Destry: You're not supposed to tell me that.
Max: Oh. So how does this bitch work?

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