Quotes from C.R.E.A.M.

Eyes only: Are you all right, Alina.
Alina: In my neighborhood, this is a date.

Logan: I really feel for this girl. There's a big hole in her life and nothing's ever gonna fill it. Finding out whether her father was murdered execution style by the government or buried in cement by gangsters isn't going to bring him back.
Max: No, but at least it will get rid of the question marks.

Logan: You should pick one. A birthday.
Max: What for?
Logan: In this short brutal life you gotta seize any opportunity you can to celebrate.

Cindy: Now there's a heifer I could get exclusive with.

Max: What's up?
Cindy: Sketchy's showing off for the lickety-chick, only she belongs to me.

Cop: I got a moisture situation.

Cindy: Whatever you do, keep your hands where they are. Original Cindy just ate.

Max: Some guys are willing to rearrange their priorities when they find a girl who moves their furniture. In fact, some guys are even looking for it... or so I've heard.

Alina: If you were me, would you see him?
Max: In a heartbeat.

Cindy: Seventeen black, like me.

Casino guy: You don't play so well with others.
Max: I was home-schooled.

Max to Cindy: Damn, girl, you da man!

Cindy: Cream, baby, cream. Cash Ruins Everything Around Me. C.R.E.A.M., it's the world we live in.

Max: So, Logan finally restored his mentor to sainthood, albiet posthumously. Funny guy, Logan, lot of rules. But maybe he's right about one thing. Maybe I should pick a birthday, just to have something to celebrate in this short brutal life. How about April Fool's day? Maybe not, my life's enough of a joke. Yesterday. Yeah, born yesterday. And the best part is I have a whole year not to think about it.

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