Quotes from 411 on the DL

Herbal: Let the injustice roll off you like water.
Max: I let Normal's screeching roll off me like water. I let cheating boyfriends roll of me like water. I let everything that is wrong and lousy int his world roll off me like water... but this is my motorcycle.

Logan: This is your bar code?
Max: Black and white, for the whole world to see. It's like opening the paper and finding my panties.

Max: I never pictured you as the married type. You're more the lone warrior, y'know, windmills, armor.

Max: What's to stop you from taking my money and blowing me to Lydecker for the daily double?
Vogelsang: Yeah, right. Somebody keeps me in a cage for two weeks, does complicated painful things to my body? I kinda want to stay away from that person, okay, as far away as possible.

Max: What's she like?
Bling: Nice.
Max: Nice?
Bling: Nice.
Max: As in, uh, quiet, sweet, intellectual without being pretentious, bookish, grad-student kind of way?
Bling: As in pretty, great body, very funny, outgoing... great body.
Max: Nevermind.

Max to dog: Let's get one thing straight. I'm the leader of the pack. Back off.

Max: Oh, please tell me you're not one of those people. Because a raindrop fell in the ocean ten thousand years ago and a butterfly farted in India, you and I are sitting right here right now enjoying a cup of coffee that tastes like goat piss.
Sam: Anything's possible.
Max: Unravel this mystery, grasshopper: what is the sound of one hand hittin' you upside your head, hm?

Logan: There's some food in the kitchen if you're hungry.
Max: Not really.
Logan: Me neither. What time is it?
Max: Late.
Logan: You can crash here if you want... in the guest room.
Max: Not tired.
Logan: Me neither. Feel like going for a spin in the park?
Max: It's raining.
Logan: I don't mind.
Max: Me neither.

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