Quotes from Blah Blah Woof Woof

Logan: Isn't it against the superhero code to use your powers to take advantage of we mere mortals?

Max: No fun for Logan Cale, world coming to an end. Fight the power, protect the downtrodden. Blah blah woof woof.

Lydecker: Make the cheekbones a little rounder, not so defined. And the lips... fuller.
Sketch artist: Fuller?
Lydecker: You heard me.

Logan: All set?
Zack: Would I have come back here if everything wasn't all set?
Logan: It's a figure of speech.

Logan: He's a fun guy.
Max: You should see him get his drink on at the X5 reunions.
Logan: You're going to be okay.
Max: Oh yeah, I'll be better than okay. It's the way I'm made.

Normal: If you think you can squeeze my shoes like some dirtbag skell, you're a hump gone sideways into a bigtime jackpot!

Max to Logan: If you die on me, I'll kick your ass.

Logan: Hospital food... one thing even The Pulse couldn't manage to make worse.

Logan: That's the music.
Max: From... the car?
Logan: Right, from the car.
Max: You know, about what happened...
Logan: After the car.
Max: I was real emotional with all that was going on.
Logan: I know.
Max: It's not like...
Logan: Me neither.
Max: I mean...
Logan: Exactly.
Max: So long at that's clear.
Logan: I'm glad we talked about it.
Max: Me too. See ya.
Logan: Later.

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