Quotes from Out

Kendra: Where did you find cold-pressed virgin olive oil from Tuscany in this economy?
Max: I broke into the Italian embassy.

Max: Well, we can't all be obsessed with saving the freakin' world.

Matt: What did you find out last night at the airstrip.
Logan: When some girls don't eat dinner they get real cranky.

Max: I'm swearing off the whole gender.
Kendra: I tried that. You will so hate your life.

Normal: I didn't think a guy like me could be a dog walker for a gal like you.

Cindy: It is hurting on my brain trying to figure out who on earth would go out with Normal.
Sketchy: There's a lot of freaks out there.

Cindy: The part of King's Road where she lives is very gender friendly. It's where all the mistah-sistah's reside. The lesbian mind could get seriously tampered with in that neighborhood.
Sketchy: This and a human finger all in the same day.

Bronck: What he's got against me, plastering my face all over the TV? My mother's starting to worry.
Logan: She should, it's dangerous being a bad guy.

Bling: What are you going to do?
Max: What I always do, make it up as I go along.

Cindy: Normal just gave me that half-a-heffah's phone number.
Sketchy: Well, you gonna call her?
Cindy: Mm mmm, 'cause when you get right down to it, Original Cindy's just too damn straight to kick it with a science-fiction girlfriend.

Max: Don't hold up the war on my account.
Logan: The world will still be broken in the morning.

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