Synopsis of 411 on the DL

Written by TK

Max's bike is unfairly impounded by corrupt cops and costs $3,000 to get back. Original Cindy hands Max the classifieds to look for a new bike and she notices her bar code number with a time and address. Against Logan's advice, she shows up and finds Vogelsang who has info on the other Manticore escapees. Neither Vogelsang nor Max know that the detective is being monitored by Lydecker. Vogelsang demands $15,000 for the info he has, and Max steals the money from the impound lot while stealing her motorcycle back. Meanwhile, Herbal Thought gets fired from the Jam Pony for smoking pot in the bathroom, and is dealing with a nasty situation on the home front when his girlfriend's ex comes back to town trying to get her back. Normal hires a new guy, a earnest fellow by the name of Sam, and the rest of the delivery staff freezes the new guy out and organizes a work slow-down. When Max goes to meet Vogelsang to give him the money, she finds him dead, but she uses what little info she got out of him during their earlier conversations to find Zack in Seattle. It turns out that Sam is really Zack, and he's been looking out for all the Manticore escapees out of a sense of military duty, not the sentimentality of family that Max feels. After Max and Zack escape Lydecker once more, Zack takes off, encouraging Max not to stay in one place for too long. Max is disappointed that The reunion didn't go the way she anticipated it.

Logan's ex-wife, now sober, shows up to apologize for hurting him and they end up hanging out and enjoying each other's company. A slightly jealous Max notices that the ex, Valerie, has a tan line where a wedding band should be and does some spying. She finds out that Valerie's new husband actually sent her to Logan to get money out of him. Max informs Logan, and Logan coldly gives Valerie the money she needs, telling her that now that she has what she came for she can leave.

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