2nd Season

#1 Designate This
#2 Bag 'Em
#3 Proof of Purchase
#4 Radar Love
#5 Boo
#6 Two
#7 Some Assembly Required
#8 Gill Girl
#9 Medium is the Message
#10 Brainiac
#11 The Berrisford Agenda
#12 Borrowed Time
#13 Harbor Lights
#14 Love in Vein
#15 Fuhgeddaboudit
#16 Exposure
#17 Hello Goodbye
#18 Dawg Day Afternoon
#19 She Ain't Heavy
#20 Love Among the Runes
#21 Freak Nation

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#1 Designate This: Aired Friday, September 28, 2001

Max is being re-trained at Manticore while Logan, who is having trouble dealing with Max's death, is still fighting the good fight as Eyes Only with a new young blonde female companion named Asha. Renfro tries to use Lydecker to get to Eyes Only, but Lydecker double-crosses her and gives Eyes Only the info he needs to blow Manticore out of the water. Max, with the help of a friendly canine/human she discovers in Manticore's basement, escapes from Manticore and finds Logan, but she is horrified when she realizes that she has infected him with a fatal disease that Renfro gave her. Max's reluctant Manticore breeding partner, Alec, hunts her down and tells her that Renfro will cure Logan if Logan comes to Manticore, but instead Max publicizes Logan's information about Manticore, causing Renfro to shut down operations and set fire to the whole complex. Max releases all the various genetically modified inhabitants of Manticore, including the monsters in the basement, before they are consumed by the fire, and not only gets a cure for Logan from a dying Renfro, but finds out that she has some genetically unique component that Renfro was looking for and should hunt down someone named "Sandeman."

#2 Bag 'Em: Aired Friday, October 5, 2001

Original Cindy happily greets Max and Max fills her in on what happened. Original Cindy figures out that Logan is Eyes Only. Max gets her job back at Jam Pony, claiming she needed time off for a heart transplant. Max realizes that all the recent Manticore escapees don't know that those in charge actually want them dead, so she sets out to help them run away. Max saves a group of five kids and teaches them to stop following orders and think for themselves. Meanwhile, Mr. White, who is leading the effort to destroy all the Manticore kids, figures out that there's something special about Max's DNA and sets out to capture her. Max is captured, but the five kids she saved, along with some reluctant help from Alec, set her free.

#3 Proof of Purchase: Aired Friday, October 12, 2001

Max and Logan approach an ex-Manticore technician who says that, for a large fee, he can get rid of Max's Logan-targeted virus. Alec decides to give up his underground fighting while he's still undefeated, but he is captured by the cleanup crew that is getting rid of all traces of Manticore. He persuades his captors to, instead of killing him, use him to hunt other Manticore escapees, and they put a kill switch in his brain-stem and send him out with orders to kill and remove the bar-codes of at least 3 other Manticore creations within 24 hours. Max discovers that Joshua is hunting Seattle for the mysterious Sandeman, and tries to find her dog-like saviour before he gets himself arrested or killed. Alec finds it more difficult than he thought to kill his own kind. As a last resort, he goes after Max, but is unable to go through with it and instead surrenders to her. Max takes Alec to the ex-Manticore tech that was helping her with the virus removal. The tech removes Alec's kill switch just in time, and then leaves town with the money earned from that job without sticking around to solve Max and Logan's problem. Lydecker starts to discover the terrifying roots of Manticore and Max's unique origins, but is run off the road and into the ocean before he has a chance to verify his evidence.

#4 Radar Love: Aired Friday, October 26, 2001

A mysterious bio-toxin is killing off people in Chinatown, and Logan suspects that it might have something to do with a strange Manticore mutant that has been seen in the area. Max is offended that Logan would jump to such conclusions, and is even more upset when the mutant is shot and killed and turns out to be completely clean of the bio-toxin. It turns out that the killings are an experiment by a geneticist who has come up with a disease that can be targeted to a certain population, and he has been hired by Ames to target the next test to an X-5. Max saves the doomed X-5, putting herself in grave danger in the process, and Logan, with help from Detective Sung, gets rid of the geneticist. Max and Logan grow more and more frustrated with their forced separation. Max gets jealous of Logan's close relationship with Asha and isn't psyched to have to break Asha out of custody when the blonde is arrested at a checkpoint without proper ID. Logan realizes that he can't take Max's devotion for granted when Max runs into her old one-night stand, Rafer, and starts hanging out with him.

#5 Boo: Aired Friday, November 2, 2001

Max, worried about Joshua on Halloween, warns her canine friend to stay in even though he and Original Cindy think he might be able to go out in his "cool costume." Max falls asleep in the bathtub and has a crazy dream in which an all-cartilege transgenic becomes a headless assassin, and she has to hunt him down with the aid of Joshua, a cat-woman and a lizard-man. Just as the dream gets completely wacky, with Logan and Asha getting married and Max naked in public, she wakes up. She changes her mind and takes Joshua out on the town for the night.

#6 Two: Aired Friday, November 9, 2001

When Alec interferes with one of Max's heists, she tells him to get a job, so he does... at Jam Pony. He's also dealing hormone drugs and, after he asks Sketchy to drop off a delivery for him, gets Sketchy beat up by some steelheads. (Steelheads are people who are obsessed with modifying themselves with bio-implants.) Alec goes to the steelheads and beats them up in return, stealing their cash for the delivery Sketchy wasn't able to deliver. A female steelhead hunts him down and warns him that they know what he is. Alec gives Logan the money to pay him back for paying the doctor to get the bomb out of his head. Three sector guards have been attacked by a dog-like humanoid creature and had their tongues ripped from their mouths. Max is concerned when it seems like Joshua may be the culprit, but it turns out that there's another creature on the loose who looks almost exactly like Joshua, and his name is Isaac. Unfortunately, the police capture Joshua instead of Isaac. Max breaks Joshua out of jail and Joshua explains how Isaac had his tongue cut out by Manticore guards. Joshua tells Max not to hurt his little brother and goes after Isaac himself. Max goes after Isaac too, and when Isaac is about to kill her, Joshua kills his little brother to protect her.

#7 Some Assembly Required: Aired Friday, November 16, 2001

On a security tape, Logan and Max view a gang of marauding Steelheads with a new companion: Zack, with a couple fresh cybernetic implants. With reluctant help from Alec, Max tracks down the Steelheads and convinces a confused Zack to come with her. With help from an Eyes Only-friendly doctor, they figure out that Zack is full of bio-synthesized organs and has some memory loss, but a cranial implant is helping to repair it. The more time Zack and Max spend together, the more he seems like his old self, although he becomes a bit confused between real memories and memories of dreams, and a little brain-washing left over from Manticore has him suspecting Logan of betraying them. Zack soon becomes flooded with very non-brotherly feelings towards his "sister." When Max refuses his advances, Zack remembers her romantic involvement with Logan and decides to go after him. While saving Logan, Max ends up electrocuting Zack. Zack's physically okay, but his cranial implant has been zapped, erasing all his new memories since it was implanted. To protect Logan, Max makes the difficult decision to let Zack go and send him to a different life with completely new memories.

#8 Gill Girl: Aired Friday, December 7, 2001

Logan and Max have a scare when he gets sick, but it turns out it's just chicken pox that he caught from his six-year-old niece. Fishermen net a girl who has gills, and Alec spots her shortly thereafter at a strip club as an underwater act. White gets wind of the gill girl and send an agent into the strip club. Alec gets Max and together they plan to save the gill girl, but when they intercept the boy they think is White's agent, it turns out to be the gill girl's mate, gill boy, and White's agent gets away with the gill girl. Together, Alec, Max and gill boy, with some reconnaissance help from Logan, go to White's headquarters in a steam factory in sector 12 and rescue gill girl, who is happy to get back to her mate and her eggs. White realizes that Alec isn't dead as he had originally thought.

#9 Medium is the Message: Aired Friday, December 14, 2001

Logan and Max find themselves in the unlikely position of helping White to find his son, but end up uncovering some of White's true origins. Joshua starts painting and Alec starts selling the paintings, but Joshua has to resort to something desperate when he accidentally paints over Max's research paperwork regarding the virus she's carrying.

#10 Brainiac: Aired Friday, January 11, 2002

The S1W, along with Asha, is captured, and a strange trail leads Max and Alec to an overweight young man who calls himself Brain and seems to be able to predict the future. Brain helps Max and Alec rescue Asha and her crew, and tells Max that their original betrayal was an inside job, only he doesn't know who did it. Brain turns out to be a Manticore X-series as well, an IT concentrate battle processor made up of various parts of military intelligence. He not only is able to make near-perfect predictions of the future using probability algorithms, but he has a strange habit of being unnoticed and easily forgotten. He admits to having had a crush on Max since their days at Manticore together, while Max doesn't remember ever seeing him before. Meanwhile, Logan tries to get Asha's crew out of town, but they are betrayed once more by someone in their midst. Max goes to save them, and Brain sees the probability of her dying during the mission, so he interferes and saves her life, sacrificing his own. He also manages to destroy the police files on the S1W, making it possible for Asha and her crew to stay in town. Alec takes over Brain's apartment.

#11 The Berrisford Agenda: Aired Friday, January 18, 2002

Alec's past comes back to haunt him when he and Max deliver a package to mansion. It turns out that two years ago, Manticore sent Alec in undercover as a piano teacher to that same mansion. Manticore was afraid that Robert Berrisford, who was one of their suppliers, was asking too many questions, and Alec was sent to teach Berrisford's daughter, Rachel, piano, and spy on the father. Alec accidentally fell in love with Rachel, but tried to follow orders when his superiors at Manticore told him he had gotten enough information and it was time to take out both Robert and Rachel Berrisford as a message to other suppliers not to ask too many questions. Alec was overcome by emotion at the last minute and tried to warn Rachel, but the car bomb went off anyway. Alec was whisked away by Manticore and re-brainswashed with no knowledge of what happened to the Berrisfords. In the present, Alec is now being haunted by phone calls of piano music, and is being hunted by thugs. Max realizes something is wrong but can't get Alec to confide in her or ask for help. Logan does some research on the mansion and together Logan and Max figure out that Alec was sent two years ago to assassinate Berrisford, and now Berrisford must have spotted Alec and is after him. Meanwhile, a haunted Alec returns to the mansion and is captured by Berrisford. Berrisford holds a gun to Alec's head and tells him that Rachel has been in a coma for two years. Max saves Alec before Berrisford can shoot him and Alec bids a sad farewell to an unconscious Rachel. Two days later Rachel dies.

#12 Borrowed Time: Aired Friday, February 1, 2002

Max figures out a way to kill the virus in her system for twelve hours, and excitedly shows up at Logan's apartment with a bottle of wine and a plan. Meanwhile, Alec buys Asha a drink at Crash and tells her that Max has found a cure. Alec buys Asha many more drinks and invites her back to his place, but she falls asleep on his couch before he can make his move. Joshua realizes a Manticore dinosaur-like monster called Gossamer is on the loose and attacking people in Seattle, and interrupts Max's romantic evening with Logan to get her help in tracking it down. Max and Alec take to the sewers while Logan follows a lead. All three of them end up trapped in a junkyard by Gossamer. Luckily, Joshua saves them, and the junkyard owner realizes that Gossamer would make a good guard dog. Max and Logan sadly kiss each other goodbye again, having run out of time to touch, and they finally admit their love for one another.

#13 Harbor Lights: Aired Friday, February 8, 2002

Max is accidentally shot and ends up in the hospital. Although Logan quickly calls his friend, Dr. Sam Carr, and has him take over Max's case, one of Max's blood tests gets completed by regular hospital personnel, and they spot the virus in her system. It resembles a virus that caused a scary outbreak in Los Angeles a few years before, so they alert the CDC, who puts Max in lock-down. Meanwhile, White finds out about Max's appearance in a hospital and shows up in the guise of an FBI agent demanding she be turned over to his custody. The head CDC doctor refuses, because he has already realized Max's unique genetic makeup and wants to do more tests on her even though he's realizes that her virus isn't contagious. White, using a "familiar" who works in the hospital, tries to have Max killed, but Logan warns her and she gets away. Logan rescues Max off the roof in a helicopter just as White has her cornered and is about to kill her. The CDC doctor, who has heard the rumors about Manticore, passes his interesting test results on to someone else in Washington D.C.

#14 Love in Vein: Aired Friday, March 8, 2002

A roving gang of mischief-makers gets the attention of both Max and Logan when barcodes are spotted on their necks, but when Max captures one of them, a girl named Rain, they realize that the kids are not actually from Manticore, and just got their tattoos put on. Max uncovers the leader of the gang, Marrow, who was designed as a walking blood-bank by Manticore and now has a gang of kids hooked on his hopped-up plasma. Max wants to stop Marrow, but is afraid that she'll kill all his little addicts if she does, so she simply returns Rain to him. Luckily, Max and Rain realize at the same time that while there are withdrawal symptoms from giving up Marrow's blood, it won't kill anyone. Max comes to Rain's rescue just in time to save her from Marrow who was about to kill her to keep her from spreading his secret. Alec passes off his messenger duties onto Joshua, and Joshua, wearing a motorcycle helmet to hide his face, makes friends with some other messengers and gets high with them. Joshua makes the mistake of taking off his helmet when he thinks his new friends will accept him, and their rejection is make all the harder by the paranoia he experiences from the drugs. Joshua is sad that it seems like he'll never be able to be part of the world around him and no one will ever like him for who he is, but Max assures him that she loves who he is.

#15 Fuhgeddaboudit: Aired Friday, March 15, 2002

Max tries to help Logan get a member of a dangerous Mafia family, Doug, to flip and report his cohorts to the authorities. Max gets waylaid by another Manticore creation, a beautiful woman named Mia from psy-ops who is able to convince people to do anything, or tell her anything, or forget anything she wants. Mia convinces Max into giving up on Doug, and the next day gets a job at Jam Pony and convinces Alec to go back into fighting. Logan and Max start to catch on when Mia tells Doug to get his mistrusting boss to bet a large sum of money on Alec, who's a sure thing. Logan realizes that if Doug proves himself in this way to his boss, there's no chance Doug will flip, so Max goes in the ring to challenge Alec to make sure Doug's boss doesn't win his bet. Max takes out all of her frustration over Alec's past bad acts and then gives him one right in the balls, winning the fight. Mia ends up happy, because she wanted Doug in witness protection all along, and not only that, but she bet on Max in the final match so she now has pot-loads of money for them to live on. Mia, who has become privy to everyone's inner thoughts, wishes Logan and Max well, and tells them that even though life kinda sucks right now, they're destined to be together and will somehow live happily ever after.

#16 Exposure: Aired Friday, March 22, 2002

Logan and Max, with some help from a now dead Wendy White, track Ray White to a prestigious boarding school outside a small town near Seattle. Max infiltrates the school to get to Ray and interrupts a cult-like ceremony in which Ray is exposed to a virus from a snake. Max attempts to grab him, but she too is exposed to the virus and captured. Max outwits her guard, a boy with strong telekenesis, by showing him her breasts, and manages to get away with Ray. White almost stops her, but luckily Logan shows up with the friendly town sheriff just in time to rescue her. Ray comes close to death, but pulls through and, when he awakens, is proud to have proved himself. White and his cohorts wonder why Max never showed symptoms of the virus, and realize that Sandeman must have gotten farther with his work at Manticore than they originally thought. Sketchy gets a job taking pictures of mutants for a local tabloid, and manages to get some of a mutant being picked up by White's men. When he returns to Jam Pony, triumphant, Original Cindy and Alec sabotage him and expose his photos. They convince him that all he saw was a guy in a mask, just in time to protect him from White's men who pick him up to make sure he doesn't have any evidence or knowledge of what they were doing.

#17 Hello Goodbye: Aired Friday, April 5, 2002

White realizes that the Manticore soldiers are immune to the snake virus that they use to test their breeding cult progeny, although Max is still special because she doesn't even display symptoms. White decides to accelerate the destruction of all the Manticore transgenics by releasing one straight into a police ambush. Max and her friends are horrified by the news. Asha and Alec talk at Crash about how they're both happy nothing happened the night they went home together. Alec says he's not a good person to get involved with. Alec goes on to tell both Max and Joshua how transgenics shouldn't get involved with regular people because they just bring them trouble and misery. Joshua starts a tentative romance with the blind girl from down the street, but is talked into ending it by Alec. Logan gets infected with Max's virus after he grabs her arm at Crash and is just barely saved by a transfusion from Joshua. Max tells Logan they shouldn't hang out together anymore. Logan tries to track her down, but sees her being chummy with Alec and becomes suspicious. When Logan confronts Max with his concerns, Max lets him think she's with Alec so that he'll back off. Alec is arrested by the police for murder and Max reluctantly rescues him. It turns out that Alec is being accused of one of the murders that Max's crazy brother Ben committed last season. Max finally tells Alec about Ben and how she had to kill him to prevent his recapture by Manticore.

#18 Dawg Day Afternoon: Aired Friday, April 12, 2002

Max is still avoiding Logan, but helps out Alec by getting him a birth certificate that says he has a twin and a passport that shows he was out of the country when Ben went on his murdering spree. Seattle is getting more and more crazed about the "transgenic problem" as footage from the "transgenic attack on police" continues to air on the news. Logan figures out that White was behind the transgenic's fight with the cops. Max and Alec laser off their bar code tattoos. Joshua tries to visit Annie but ends up being chased with her into the sewers by some boys that see Joshua's dog-face. The police start a man-hunt for Joshua while Max goes into the sewers to rescue him. Joshua admits his secret to Annie who is mad that she was tricked, but still wants to help him. Annie tells Joshua to leave her behind in the sewers so she can lead the police astray. Max finds Joshua and with Logan and Alec's helps they escape from the sewers. White finds Annie the sewers. Joshua, Max and Alec are horrified by the news that Annie was found with her neck snapped. Although White's goverment bosses want to keep the news about transgenics as quiet as possible, White's cult group says he's on the right track and he leaks the news of the X5 transgenics which look human.

#19 She Ain't Heavy: Aired Friday, April 19, 2002

Joshua decides to move to Terminal City, an area of town which had a toxic accident so humans don't go there, but transgenic mutants who are unaffected have been gathering. The whole city is more and more on edge about transgenics, and when Normal pulls a gun at work during a joke gone wrong, Max raises suspicions when she grabs the gun out of his hand. Max decides to leave town. White captures what he thinks is Max in San Francisco, along with her husband and son, but it turns out to be Max's clone, 453. White tells 453 he'll return her family to her if she captures 452. 453 uses her appearance to find out about Max's life, and tracks her down just as she's leaving town. She ambushes Max and captures her, but Logan spots them and saves Max. Max captures White and trades him back to his people for 453's family. With a little help from the mutants in Terminal City, the trade goes smoothly, and 453 takes off for Canada with her family. Max decides that she shouldn't run away from her problems, and stays in Seattle. White tracks Logan's Eyes Only signal to his apartment and trashes the place, but luckily Logan gets out in time with his files. White testifies at a Senate hearing about transgenics, and even though his government bosses tell him to plead the fifth, he tells the world that transgenics exist and they're dangerous.

#20 Love Among the Runes: Aired Friday, April 26, 2002

Alec finds out that Max told Logan that she and Alec were a couple, but he doesn't tell Logan it isn't true. Max is concerned when strange tattoos in an ancient language start magically appearing on her body. The war between the transgenics and the Ordinaries (humans) escalates. Terminal City and Jam Pony become transgenic headquarters despite Normal's vigilence against the "freaks." Sketchy finds out that Max is a transgenic and has a hard time dealing with the news. A man named C.J. escapes from the Familiars' insane asylum and searches out the transgenics. C.J. tells Max that he's Sandeman's son. Sandeman was in the breeding cult, but when he realized C.J. would never survive the snake test he ditched the Familiars to go the route of science and started Manticore. C.J. leads Max into a trap and she's captured by White. White turns out to be C.J. brother, and freaks out when he sees Max's new tattoos, calling her "the one" that could ruin everything. C.J. realizes Max could change his life and helps Max and some other captured transgenics escape. C.J. is recaptured by his brother and White swears he'll get Max.

#21 Freak Nation: Aired Friday, May 3, 2002

A final show down occurs when Mole and Joshua get stuck outside Terminal City while trying to rescue a young X6 and a pregnant X5 from the streets of Seattle. The gang of transgenics ends up holed up in Jam Pony with Alec, Max, and a number of human hostages. The police detective in charge tries to bargain with Max, but Ames White overrides him and sends in a team of his own kind to get rid of Max. White grins at the thought of the human race cheering as Max, their only hope, is brought out in a body bag. Max and her friends overcome White's team and make their escape back to Terminal City. Mole wants to scatter all the transgenics, but Max says they should make their stand in Terminal City and not let the human race sweep them under the rug. The pregnant X5 gives birth to a baby girl who doesn't have a bar code even though both her parents are X5. Normal gets a new opinion on transgenics after helping the X5 give birth. Original Cindy, Sketchy and Logan end up holed up in Terminal City with the transgenics.

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