Season 2, Episode 3: Proof of Purchase

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Aired: Friday, October 12, 2001

Rating: 4.4/8

Written by Tommy Thompson
Directed by Thomas J. Wright

Guest starring
John Savage as Donald Michael Lydecker
Rob LaBelle as Engel
Ashley Scott as Asha
Janet Wright as Annie the Announcer
Shawn Stewart as bloody fighter 1
Ken Kirzinger as bloody fighter 2
John De Santis as The Mangler (Miller)
Brendan Beiser as blue collar husband
Jane Sowerby as blue collar wife
Kyle Alisharan as operative
John Hainsworth as skinny homeless guy
Kimani Ray Smith as bearded homeless guy
Deb Macatumpag as she-beast
Vince Walker as guy with shotgun
Nick Harrison as cop 1
Angela Uyeda as cop 2
Ryan DeBoer as X6-252
Stephen Aberle as Professor Long
Brittany Cuevas as young Max (6 years)
Norman Armour as a young Sandeman
Shaker Paleja as trooper

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