Quotes from I and I am a Camera

Max: See, now, you shouldn't've done that, 'cause even though he's a drunken idiot, he happens to be a friend, and I gotta kick your ass.

Camera guy: I can see your future.
Max: Then you've already watched me turn around and walk away 'cause you're a whack job.

Cindy to Max: Break it down for Original Cindy, 'cause you ain't right.

Jonas to Logan: On a clear day I bet you can really see the class struggle from that penthouse of yours.

Camera guy: I got a screw loose.
Max: No argument there.

Camera guy: So, how old were you when you discovered you had powers?
Max: I had it beaten into my head at a pretty young age.

Jonas: Junior, you watched too many X-Files when you were a boy.

Max: Say goodnight, Hal.

Camera guy: I believe a bullet or a fragment thereof lodged itself into my mid-anterior servo-motor.
Max: Better than lodging into your mid-anterior actual leg.

Max: You know, only a bored rich liberal white guy would piss away a fortune to prove he wasn't a bored rich liberal white guy.

Max: Thing is, it's always there, the darkness. Right on my tail.
Logan: I know. But you got moves.

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