Quotes from ...and Jesus Brought a Casserole

Lydecker: No maid service. No wake-up call. No mint on the pillow.
Hotel clerk: No worries. We pride ourselves as much on discretion as we do on the lack of amenities.

Lydecker to Madame X: You got a real set of brass ones.

Max: Is this some kind of new torture thing? Lock people up in a cheap motel and babble at them until they crack?

Max: He's gonna help us.
Lydecker: Help us what?
Max: Take down Manticore.

Max: I look down at the people and think about how everybody's got problems. Maybe not a secret government agency on their ass, but, y'know, problems. And if I sit up here long enough I start to feel like I'm just one of those people, a regular girl.
Logan: Well, I hate to break it to you, Max, but you're never gonna be a regular anything.

Max: One way or another, after tomorrow the world's gonna be a different place for me... for both of us.
Logan: Everything's gonna be all right.

Max: I'd kiss you, but I have to keep my head in the game.
Logan: Just come back.

Max: This is for Tinga.

Max: Do you know who I am?

Krit: So you broke into his house. And you liked that?
Logan: Well, she went for the good stuff. I could tell she had taste.
Max: Black cat suit didn't hurt either.

Logan: Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else, like maybe it was a story I heard. Even though I know it happened, sometimes I can't help feeling that she's not really gone, that she's still out there, and I just hope she's okay.

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